“In many of their letters the kids tell me that my books are funny and make them laugh. The enjoyment goes both ways, since their letters give me a great amount of pleasure, with many a laugh. And over the years I have collected samples of their unique comments, and innocent humor.” " They tell me what they learned from my books: Wump world: not to litter, Smokey or Harold ; never be ashamed of what your are" - Bill Peet

My father tried to answer as many letters as he could up until his stroke in 1991. Because he was an author that did write back, he got even more fan mail from both teachers and children. The kids’ charming, and often humorous spelling errors have been corrected since they were unaware that their letters would someday be published. I extended the same courtesy to the teachers who were quoted in What Teachers Say. What follows are excerpts from kids’ letters to Bill Peet.- Bill Peet, Jr.


Another thing is, a teacher that teaches young children might want to read one of your books to her class because besides comedy, in a way they all teach you a wise lesson. Have you ever noticed that?

I have read some of your funny books. They are very good. Please call me and we can talk. My dad will pay for the call.

I have enjoyed all your books because you have fantastic pictures and descriptive words

I am in grade two. I enjoyed your books. What do you do for a living?

I like your books. I like them so much I even skipped the football game.

When I feel like junk, I read one of your books. They always cheer me up. Your pictures are always the best. Your biggest fan, Mark O.

I have not read many of your books but the ones I did read I enjoyed. Do you take lunch breaks when you are right in the middle of a book? I know I would! I also think your illustrations are very neat! Sincerely Molly B., Bookworm of the month

I like your illustrations because they show talent. I like your pictures because you make stuff look real and they are my colors and you are my favorite friend. Miss Ward would not tell us your real name. Your fan, Alisha

Your books are neat. My name is Jamie and I am 6 years old and I am in the first grade. My favorite part is when it is the end. By: Jamie A. Please write back

I liked your book Countdown till Christmas. The reason I like this book because I couldn't find any other in our school library. I hope you had a happy Easter. Sincerely, Kristal S.

I love the story The Wump World. You’re books teach me a lot. The Wump World taught me not to pollute. Before I read the Wump World I really polluted. And Oh! Hope you get better soon. Yours truly, Catherine H.

I liked the book The Wump World. I liked it when the monsters came with huge legs. I loved your pictures. I can’t even say anything bad about your books. You are my favorite author. From April L.

You’ve really made our library a special place. Sincerely, Jenny B.

I like your stories, but my favorite one where the animals move to a different home. I might move and I might not. Kyle P.

I enjoy your books. My favorite is the Whingdingdilly. I learned to be myself. I like your pictures. Sharon N.

I like your stories. It must be that you have a lot of imagination in your head.

You are very special to me. You write very nice books and we got “Hubert’s Hair-raising Adventure” and my dad read the book and my mom was in the kitchen listening to the book then mom and dad and me started to laugh real hard and maybe next time you go to write a book put what you look like. By David G.

My name is Ken K. I am 9 years old. I like your book because I like funny ones. I do not wear glasses. I am in the fourth grade. Sincerely yours, Ken K.

I like the expressions you have in your books. You are a very good artist. Thank you for the letter. Please don’t write back. Your friend, Ronnie S.


I like your books. My whole family likes them. My cat does not know we have them.

I have to go now because Miss Oglesby just came in with the boa constrictor.