Bill was involved in the storyboarding of the film and did a lot of the model sheets, which show the animators what the characters look like in various poses. His infant son, Bill Jr., was a "definite influence in the way I drew the baby elephant."  Bill went on to become Walt's top storyman; writing the scripts, drawing the storyboards, and designing the characters. Bill Peet loved elephants and loved drawing them.



Below are publicity photographs of Bill Peet, the Dumbo designer.
Below: Bill "hamming it up"



"The thing was, I was a circus buff, so Dumbo was great chance for me to get in and do a lot of boards. That was the first time Walt really noticed my work. Since I knew the circus, and had done so much sketching at the circus, the old big top circus, I just loved working on that thing".

Below: Attempts to design Dumbo and Timothy by two animators. They turned over the task of designing Dumbo and Timothy to Bill Peet. Notice the resemblance of the early version of Timothy to Mickey Mouse. One of the animators admitted: "Y'know, Bill (Peet), I can't draw these these gxxxxd little elephants" (from interview with John Province, 1988).